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Senior doubles
Number Surname First Name Club +/- Time Tunnel Elapsed time Position Notes
301 Rushton David Falcon CC          
  Francis Mark Falcon CC          
302 Goldsmith Max Capt Max Goldsmith          
  Huish Richard Capt Richard Huish          
303 Seaford Daniel Reading Canoe Club          
  West Stuart Worcester Canoe Club          
304 Harris Adrian Independent          
  Beard Mike Independent          
305 Spender Daniel CSjt Spender 1Rifles         Timed out
  Welch Barry CSjt Welch 1Rifles          
306 Skeath Colin Pennine CC          
  Skeath Katrina Pennine CC          
307 Sollerer Sol Independent          
  Ruiz Coleman Independent          
308 Button David Poole Harbour CC          
  Hawkins Keith Poole Harbour CC          
309 Hoskin Shaun Army Canoe Union          
  Mason Dave Independent          
310 Barker Stuart 3PWRR          
  Dwyer Brennan 3PWRR          
311 Logie Paul REME          
  Cornwell Ian Independent          
312 Lane Rebecca RLC          
  Venn Calvin RLC          
313 King Jon Independent          
  Nixon David Independent          
315 Aitken John Addlestone CC          
  Lynch Kevin Addlestone CC          
316 Kerr William Canal Side Activity Centre          
  Daniell George Canal Side Activity Centre          
317 Hall-Mcair Robert Independent          
  McCall Robert Independent          
318 Nicholls David Independent          
  Sedgewick Richard Independent          
319 McKenna Barry Exeter CC          
  Wakley Gary Exeter CC          
320 Kirkpatrick George Falcon CC          
  McGrath Rory Falcon CC          
321 Smee Alistair Independent          
  Smee Tim Independent          
322 Henshaw Paul Independent          
  Houghton Russell Independent          
323 Holmes Graham Rabbit Independent Paddlers          
  Houghting Shane Wey KC          
324 Winterbottom Ashley University Of exeter          
  Smith Sam University Of exeter          
325 Poynter Edward Independent          
  Stapleton Philip Independent          
326 Ellen James Independent          
  Ellen Stuart Independent          
327 Fletcher Neal Independent          
  Leijerstam Maria Independent          
330 Hammond Mark Maidstone CC          
  Stevens Richard Maidstone CC          
331 Campbell Kyle Independent          
  Hornsby Alistair Independent          
332 Kelly Matt Independent          
  Williams John Independent          
333 Mannering David Robert Pangbourne CC          
  McCluskey Steven Pangbourne CC          
334 Bucknall David Independent          
  Robins Darrell Independent          
335 Chmiel Alison Nottingham KC          
  Jones Caroline Nottingham KC          
336 Lezard Tim Independent          
  Cowen Chris Independent          
337 Gladwell Marcus Southwold Sea training limited          
  Doy James Southwold Sea training          
338 Blakeborough Adele Chester CC          
  Ashley Jean Chester CC          
339 Giffin Daniel Independent          
  Stillman Glen Independent          
340 Leonard Alex Associated British Ports          
  Vinycomb John Associated British Ports          
341 Jones Andy Independent          
  Bownes George Independent          
342 Westwater Tom Independent          
  Murr Antony Independent          
344 Whittle John Independent          
  Campbell Matt Royal Army Medical Corps          
345 Bateman Warren Independent          
  Laban Howard Independent          
346 Blow David Independent          
  Foy Anthony Independent          
347 Bell Stuart Devizes CC          
  Waters Dan Devizes CC          
348 Lunt Charles Independent          
  Marks William Independent          
349 Belbin Rob Stour Valley CC          
  Crankshaw Mike Stour Valley CC          
350 Cowper Freddie Artists Rifles CC          
  Shaw Oliver Artists Rifles CC          
351 Supple Jamie Independent          
  Casey James Independent          
352 Panrucker Mike Bishops Stortford CC          
  Playle William Barking & Dagenham CC          
353 Evans Ian Army Canoe Union          
  Williams Toby Army Canoe Union          
355 Bache David Nottingham KC          
  Shakesheff Kevin Nottingham KC          
356 Hornsby Jane West Cumbria Canoe Club          
  McDowell Kathryn West Cumbria Canoe Club          
357 New Sue Devizes CC          
  Thackray Tereza Devizes CC          
358 Enoch Matthew Nottingham KC          
  Norfolk Adam Nottingham KC          
361 Pedley Matthew Met Police Canoe Club          
  Pedley Joshua Met Police Canoe Club          
362 Jeffreson Nigel Southampton CC          
  Jeffreson Graham Southampton CC          
363 Macqueen Ian Devizes CC          
  Macqueen Jacky Devizes CC          
364 Higgins James Independent          
  Lace Toby Independent          
365 Bowditch Ian Longridge CC          
  Wyndham-Smith Jane Longridge CC          
366 Chappel Jeremy Independent          
  Legge Hamish Independent          
367 Coulson Andrew Associated British Ports          
  Hunt Stephen Associated British ports          
368 Bullock Richard Exeter CC          
  East Nick Exeter CC          
369 Dilai Maggie Runcorn CC          
  Willis Stephen Southampton CC          
370 Bloxsom Lee 78th Leicester 1st Thurmaston          
  Jeyes Jason 78th Leicester 1st Thurmaston          
371 Bekker Meintjes Independent          
  Simmonds Gerard Independent          
372 Baker Larry Hastings CC          
  Firmin Simon Hastings CC          
373 Bate Richard Putney Bridge CC          
  Wallace Andrew Hampton CC          
374 Laenen Jan Independent          
  Verduyckt Erik Independent          
375 Gibbs James Worcester CC          
  Sampson Matthew Worcester CC          
376 Grover Liam Worcester CC          
  Leeke Gary Worcester CC          
377 Hutchinson James Army Canoe Union          
  Pickering Harry Army Canoe Union          
379 Hanger Simon Banbury & District          
  Wood Julie Banbury & District          
380 Blackburn Kieron Cambridge UOTC          
  Willis Sam Cambridge UOTC          
382 Raciborski Jan 1st Reading YMCA Sea Scouts          
  Smith Kevin 1st Reading YMCA Sea Scouts          
383 Cheetham Alan Army Canoe Union          
  Skeels Kevin Army Canoe Union          
384 Crompton Lee Army Canoe Union          
  Mason Chanel Army Canoe Union          
385 Bridge Steve Independent          
  Rayner Simon Independent          
386 Collison Kim Independent          
  Emmet Anthony Independent          
387 Heath Roger J Independent          
  Wrobel Gavin Devizes CC          
388 Russ Caroline Devizes CC          
  Weston Claire Devizes CC          
389 Stagg Richard Cambridge CC          
  Stagg William Cambridge CC          
390 Barlow Liz Sedbergh And District Canoe Club          
  Corso Jill Sedbergh and District Canoe Club          
391 Montgomery Pete Independent          
  Smee Nigel Independent          
392 Braithwaite Shuna Nottingham CC          
  Burbeck Kat Nottingham CC          
393 Ball Mark Devizes CC          
  Sinnett-Jones Polly Devizes CC          
394 Lawton Chris Independent          
  Dixon Will Independent          
395 Pomeroy Philip Fowey River CC          
  Pomeroy Shane Fowey River CC          
396 Clark Adrian Addlestone CC          
  Bott Michael Addlestone CC          
397 Kay Nick Falcon CC          
  Butler Billy Falcon CC          
398 Kantolinna Blair Southampton CC          
  Ryan Enda Southampton CC          
399 Beaumont Martin Richmond CC          
  Howard-Vyse James Richmond CC          
400 Cooper David Southampton CC          
  Maclarg Roland Independent          
401 Pearce Emma Fowey River CC          
  Edyvean John Fowey River CC          
402 Harbon Richard Hertfordshire Police          
  Spinks Johnny Independent          
403 Voller Shirine Hemel Hempstead CC          
  Thornton Mike Hemel Hempstead CC          
404 Clough Jennifer Falcon CC          
  Marmon Bob Falcon CC          
405 Byrne Rhys University Of bristol          
  Evans James Bristol UOTC          
406 Jordan James Falcon CC          
  Dawson Tom Falcon CC          
407 Darby Andy Independent          
  White Darren Independent          
408 Sellors David Independent          
  Clark Andrew Met          
409 Catto John Army Canoe Union          
  Lawrence Philip Army Canoe Union          
410 Ferreira Francois Windsor CC          
  Langley Charlie Windsor CC          
411 Seddon Andrew Grenadier Guards          
  Llewelyn-Usher Henry Welsh Guards          
412 Mahoney James Devizes CC          
  Todd Chris Devizes CC          
413 Gargan Frank 2PARA          
  Worth Andrew Exeter CC          
414 Beesley Christopher Royal Navy Kayak Association          
  Stewart Tristan Royal Navy Kayak Association          
415 Stobbart Dan METROPOLITAN POLICE          
  Luton Mark METROPOLITAN POLICE          
416 Sparkes David Norwich CC          
  Mew Steve Norwich CC          
417 Simpson Edmund Independent          
  Hargreaves Ben Independent          
418 Dunne Lisa Army Canoe Union          
  Clarke Richard Army Canoe Union          
419 Meacock David Army Canoe Union          
  Taylor Emily Army Canoe Union          
420 Booty Graham Independent          
  Buchanan Jonathan Wey KC          
421 Fitzgerald Des Army Canoe Union          
  Humes Al Army Canoe Union          
422 Ormiston Rory Southampton CC          
  Thaibsyah Mike Southampton CC          
423 Croft Ken Independent         Timed out
  Sidwell Jon Independent          
424 Perry Simon Reading CC          
  Richmond Martin Reading CC          
425 Hipkins Kevin Longridge Cc          
  Hatfield Roger Longridge Cc          
426 Martin Will Bristol CC          
  Dawnay Lewis Bristol CC          
429 Harding Luke Leighton Buzzard CC          
  Harding Nick Leighton Buzzard CC          
430 Webb Mike Richmond CC          
  Harley Thor Richmond CC          
431 Hendron Richard Richmond CC          
  King James Richmond CC          
432 Pearce Ryan Fowey River CC          
  Taylor Samuel Cambridge CC          
433 Baker Steve Richmond CC          
  Broughton Lizzie Richmond CC          
435 Stotter Nelo Richmond CC          
  Geyer Jaco Richmond CC          
436 Treadgold James Reading CC          
  Martin Mike Leighton Buzzard CC          
437 Aldridge Keith Independent          
  Johnson Gary Independent          
439 Beechey Daniel Southampton CC          
  El-Batal Nicholas Southampton CC          
440 Ivanics Csaba Ealing CC          
  Lenart Jozsef CARDIFF BAY KAYAKERS          
441 Hendron Henry Richmond CC          
  Shelley Piran Cambridge CC          
442 Purcell Frederick Richmond CC          
  Van Tuyl Alex Richmond CC          
443 Beckerleg Simon Army Canoe Union          
  Hennis Sandra Army Canoe Union          
445 Blears Mark Army Canoe Union          
  Moss Derek Army Canoe Union          
447 Harper Gary Banbury & District          
  Davison Max Banbury & District          
448 Pigott Mike Richmond CC          
  Stonehouse Graham Richmond CC          
449 Mahony Nicholas Southampton CC          
  Warne Josh Southampton CC          
450 Silvanus Paul Independent          
  Williams Lewis Independent          
451 Francis Sarah Louise Basingstoke Canal CC          
  Hansford Rob Basingstoke Canal CC          
452 Brown Stephen Tower Hamlets Canoe Club          
  Yates Paul Tower Hamlets Canoe Club          
453 Von Kaufmann Simon Southampton CC          
  Egeland-Jensen Adam Southampton CC          
454 Tyrrell Adrian Gailey CC          
  Tyrrell Marion Gailey CC          
455 Cannon Quentin Taunton CC          
  Merrifield Clive Taunton CC          
456 Garrard Matthew Southampton CC          
  Heath Megan Southampton CC          
457 Crossley Heather Southampton CC          
  Helm James Southampton CC          
458 Pearse Philip Southampton CC          
  Taylor Ian Southampton CC          
459 Thomas Patrick Independent          
  Cazenove Philip Independent          
460 Smith Tony Independent          
  Woolacott Adrian Independent          
461 Sutherland Bob Wokingham CC          
  Billsberry Brian Independent          
462 Diaper Thomas Army Canoe Union          
  Main Oliver Army Canoe Union          
463 Lay Chris Army Canoe Union          
  Irwin Gareth Army Canoe Union          
464 Limbu Arjunsamyu Army Canoe Union         ccd
  Rai Hemanta Army Canoe Union         Changed boat crew remains the same
465 Moktan Tamang Subash Army Canoe Union          
  Limbu Ganga Army Canoe Union          
466 Henderson Josh Army Canoe Union          
  Asiedu Kingsley Army Canoe Union          
467 Mardlin Nicholas Army Canoe Union          
  Garrett David Army Canoe Union          
468 Smith Dan Army Canoe Union          
  Bird Lewis Army Canoe Union          
469 Martell Charles Army Canoe Union          
  Ives Tim Army Canoe Union          
470 Reeve Joel Army Canoe Union          
  Griffith Oliver Army Canoe Union          
471 Garthwaite Richard Army Canoe Union          
  Robinson Alan Army Canoe Union          
472 Douglas Jordan Army Canoe Union          
  Graham Mark Army Canoe Union          
473 Lavarack Ian Richmond CC          
  Crawford Roger Richmond CC          
474 Horkan David International          
  Mescal Jim International          
475 Carter Julian Independent          
  Davies Gary Independent          
477 Hills Chris Banbury & District          
  Pearce Raymond Banbury & District          
478 Lawson Iain Army Canoe Union          
  Wilson Charles Army Canoe Union          

Number Surname First Name Club +/- Time Tunnel Elapsed time Position Notes
601 Beatson Paul Lomond          
  Clark Simon Independent          
602 Howell Sue 1st Southwater Sea Scouts          
  Peck Yanna 1st Southwater Sea Scouts          
603 Morgan Robert Kimbolton School CC          
  Webster Daniel Kimbolton School CC          
604 Charles Rufus Independent          
  Smith Carleton Independent          
605 Barnard Tom Independent          
  White Lyndon Independent          
606 Ziegler Micahel Independent          
  Austin James Independent          
607 Cuddington Dave Holme Pierrepont Canoe Club          
  Randerson Tom Holme Pierrepont Canoe Club          
608 Holbrook Chris Independent          
  Fish Mark Independent          
609 Rayner James Independent          
  Milstead Clara Independent          
610 Morgan Julian Independent          
  Houston Jonny Independent          
611 Garraway Robert Independent          
  Lewis Mark Independent          
612 Phillipson James Independent          
  Starling Mark Independent          
613 Papworth-Smith James Devizes CC          
  Papworth-Smith Isabel Devizes CC          
614 De Ferrer Kathryn Wey KC          
  Weston Helen Wey KC          
615 Barnett-Salter Tom Independent          
  Monk David Independent          
617 Lee Janie Addlestone CC          
  Weir Louise Addlestone CC          
618 Fitzsimons Martin Richmond CC          
  Prendeville Nicole Richmond CC          
619 Callaghan Shaun Independent          
  Thorne Gary Independent          
620 Roberts James Devizes CC          
  Roberts Henry Devizes CC          
621 Nagle Thomas 22nd Southgate Scouts          
  O'connor Kieran 22nd Southgate Scouts          
622 Ilett Peter Nottingham CC          
  Parker David Nottingham CC          
623 Tomes Mike Independent          
  Tomes Claire Independent          
625 Smith Richard Barking & Dagenham CC          
  Fenn Keyala Jo Richardson school          
626 Fisher Luke Tonbridge CC          
  Johnson Nicholas Tonbridge CC          
627 Campbell-Gray Edward Bedford School          
  McLeod Rob Bedford School          
628 Parkin Tom Kimbolton School CC          
  Stairs Jenna Kimbolton School CC          
629 Block Stuart Cranleigh School          
  Warner Hannah Cranleigh School          
630 Metcalfe Georgina Pangbourne CC          
  Metcalfe Vicky Pangbourne CC          
631 Howes Daniel Independent          
  Howes Frank Independent          

Junior doubles
Number Surname First Name Club +/- Time Tunnel Elapsed time Position Notes
101 Bennett Barney Radley College          
  Mayes Hugo Radley College          
102 Campbell-Gray Charles Bedford School          
  Govoni Will Bedford School          
103 Winter Rachel Kimbolton School CC          
  Cave Rebecca Kimbolton School CC          
104 Dathan Barnaby Bedford School          
  McLeod Jack Bedford School          
105 Cullen Thomas Kimbolton School CC          
  Greenland Claire Kimbolton School CC          
106 Duncan Hamish Kimbolton School CC          
  Winter Samuel Kimbolton School CC          
107 Capelastegui Fernando Independent          
  Giuseppetti Orlando Cheltenham College          
108 Winchcombe David Devizes CC          
  Berning Elliott Devizes CC          
109 Kabeer Sara Reading CC          
  Flack Annelies Banbury & District          
110 Henley Conor Devizes CC          
  Little Ali Devizes CC          
111 Bagge Phoebe Cranleigh School          
  Beaumont Georgia Cranleigh School          
112 Browning Julian Cranleigh School          
  Graham-Rack Henry Cranleigh School          
113 Cahill Kitty Cranleigh School          
  Doherty Abby Cranleigh School          
114 Cameron-Blackie Angus Cranleigh School          
  White Tom Cranleigh School          
115 Camsey Abi Cranleigh School          
  Hennell Becky Cranleigh School          
116 Foster Sam Cranleigh School          
  Yeeles Will Cranleigh School          
117 Gluning Imara Cranleigh School          
  Lubbock Rachel Cranleigh School          
118 Haddock Sebastian Cranleigh School          
  Parker Oliver Cranleigh School          
119 Hemming Max Cranleigh School          
  Livingstone Alexander Cranleigh School          
120 Kelly Nicholas Cranleigh School          
  Roberts Edward Cranleigh School          
121 McKenna Hattie Cranleigh School          
  Montgomerie Venetia Cranleigh School          
122 Skrine Giles Marlborough College          
  Godding Julian Marlborough College          
123 Heseltine-Carp William Marlborough College          
  McDonald Adelaide Marlborough College          
124 Biggs Edward Marlborough College          
  Legge James Marlborough College          
125 Riall Matthew Marlborough College          
  Jones Sam Marlborough College          
126 Nugent Anthony Marlborough College          
  McFarland Rory Marlborough College          
127 Lindsay Patrick Marlborough College          
  Naylor Henry Marlborough College          
128 Goodall Rupert Marlborough College          
  Neilson Theodore Marlborough College          
129 Colebatch Roxanna Marlborough College          
  Cox Claudia Marlborough College          
130 Jackson Magnus Marlborough College          
  Oliver Dominic Marlborough College          
131 Barnicoat George Longridge CC          
  Allen James Longridge CC          
133 Peters Connor Fowey River CC          
  Palmer Dan Fowey River CC          
134 Howard Julia Kelly College          
  Ridley Kevin Devizes CC          
135 Falconer-Cunningham Cameron Devizes CC          
  Hewlett Elliot Devizes CC          
136 Holt Harry Devizes CC          
  Holt Frederick Devizes CC          
137 Yates Sacha Devizes CC          
  Sampson Toby Devizes CC          
138 Blackman Isaac Richmond CC          
  Scheske Frederick Richmond CC          
139 Bushell Jacob Abbotsholme School          
  Lerigo India Abbotsholme School          
140 Bishop Charlotte Abbotsholme School          
  Lain Alexander Abbotsholme School          
141 Hassall William Royal Hospital School CC          
  Hunkin Adam Royal Hospital School CC          
142 Kerr Cameron Royal Hospital School CC          
  Bagley Oliver Royal Hospital School CC          
143 Murrison Sophia Royal Hospital School CC          
  Branch Richard Royal Hospital School CC          
144 Cantelo Matthew Royal Hospital School CC          
  Rutledge James Royal Hospital School CC          
145 Chen Anran Royal Hospital School CC          
  Scott Jordan Royal Hospital School CC          
146 Tabor Zachary Royal Hospital School CC          
  Bourne Edward Royal Hospital School CC          
147 Murphy Alva 22nd Southgate Scouts          
  Agnew Gemma 22nd Southgate Scouts          
148 Kenneth Finlay Dauntseys School CC          
  Cavanagh Alice Dauntseys School CC          
149 Tawney Archie Dauntseys School CC          
  Nutland Charlie Dauntseys School CC          
150 Akerman George Dauntseys School CC          
  New Bryn Dauntseys School CC          
151 Adams Emma Dauntseys School CC          
  Wigglesworth Byron Devizes CC          
152 Wilson Ruth Dauntseys School CC          
  Holt Ruby Dauntseys School CC          
153 Fisher Olivia Dauntseys School CC          
  Williams Matt Dauntseys School CC          
154 Dibble Toby Dauntseys School CC          
  Giles Henry Dauntseys School CC          
155 Colquhoun Harriet Devizes CC          
  Colquhoun Charlotte Devizes CC          
156 Kirkham Oliver Norwich CC          
  Kirkham William Norwich CC          
157 Faulkner Thomas Churcher's college          
  Glasspool Jonathan Churcher's college          
158 Strick Lucy Churcher's college          
  Whistlecroft Elana Churcher's college          
159 McColl James Churcher's college          
  Parrott Olivia Churcher's college          
160 Hancock Emily Churcher's college          
  Ismay Hannah Churcher's college          
161 Long Jamie Churcher's college         ccd
  Tuff Felix Churcher's college         Felix Tuff completed the course
162 Fielder Jenny Churcher's college          
  Phillips Katie Churcher's college          
163 Jackson Josephine Churcher's college          
  Bloomer Alexandra Churcher's college          
164 Jones Charlie Churcher's college          
  Parks Huw Churcher's college          
165 Lipscombe Luke Churcher's college          
  Dunford Harry Churcher's college          
166 Boswell Alex Kelly College          
  Coulton Guy Kelly College          
167 Anstee Amy Kelly College          
  Hampden-Smith Olivia Kelly College          
168 Ashley Ben Kelly College          
  Stewart William Kelly College          
169 Collingwood Katy Kelly College          
  Sylvester Fleur Kelly College          
170 Chamberlain Henry Kelly College          
  Earp Matthew Kelly College          
171 Ramirez Finn Kelly College          
  Cording Leon Kelly College          
172 Nicholas Laura Kelly College          
  Butcher Louise Kelly College          
173 Hancox Oliver Kelly College          
  Boyle Clementine Kelly College          
174 Ward Oscar Bryanston School CC          
  Waters William Bryanston School CC          
175 Turnell-Ritson Leo Bryanston School CC          
  Breen Gus Bryanston School CC          
176 Duckett Tom Bryanston School CC          
  Hawthorne Sam Bryanston School CC          
177 Smith Isobel Basingstoke Canal CC          
  Middleton Megan Fowey River CC          
178 Hansell Benjamin Basingstoke Canal CC          
  Khlaf Alexander Canalside Activity Centre          
179 Graham Henry Lord Wandsworth College          
  Yim Duncan Lord Wandsworth College          
180 Parker Oliver Cokethorpe School          
  Unwin Jamie Cokethorpe School          
181 Dziwisch Leonard Bedford School          
  Wong Kevin Bedford School          

Vet_Junior doubles
Number Surname First Name Club +/- Time Tunnel Elapsed time Position Notes
51 Harris Michael sudbury canoe club          
  Harris Alexander sudbury canoe club          
52 Goodrich Brendon Lakelands CC          
  Goodrich Cian Lakelands CC          
53 Jackson Jack Launceston College          
  Jackson William Launceston College          
54 Hicks Andrew Norwich CC          
  Hicks Albert Norwich CC          
55 Ford Peter Tonbridge CC          
  Hopkinson Chris Tonbridge CC          
56 Cribb Jeff Independent          
  Cribb Ben Independent          
57 Walker Eleanor Pangbourne CC          
  Walker Peter Pangbourne CC          
58 Yeomans Michael Independent          
  Serpell Morgan Independent          

Senior singles
Number Surname First Name Club +/- Time Tunnel Elapsed time Position Notes
701 Bohn Roland Leaside CC          
702 Williams Darran Independent          
703 Edwards Owain 1st Southwater Sea Scouts          
704 Bullock Sebastian Cheltenham College          
705 Manning Greg Integrate Paddling          
706 Symonds Chris Pangbourne CC          
707 Johnston John Independent          
708 Vater Amber Independent          
709 Roebuck Paul Independent          
710 Allix Christopher Independent          
711 Berchtold Oliver Richmond CC          
712 Stainsby Thomas Alan Metropolitan          
713 Miklos Reni Independent          
714 Blewitt Alice Devizes CC          
715 Asser James Fowey River CC          
716 Hill Kevin Independent          
717 Hissett Iain Pangbourne CC          
718 Phipps Tamsin Reading CC          
719 King Steve Hereford CC          
720 Spierings Giel Fowey River CC          
721 Garton Laurence Mercia CC          
722 Stokes Ian Devizes CC          
723 Martin Beth Richmond CC          
724 Collinge Martyn Fowey River CC          
725 Morley Jason RAF Canoe Association          
726 Stuart Ian Independent          
727 Jenkins Anita Independent          
728 Wilson Anthony Abbotsholme School          
729 Gallop Simon Reading CC          
730 Barker Chris Independent          
731 Allen Ben Birmingham City university          
733 Whitby David Independent          
734 James Benjamin Army Canoe Union          
735 Battison Gail Reading CC          
736 Rogers Mike Poole Harbour CC          
737 Wynne Anthony Fowey River CC          
738 Lewis Richard Bradford on Avon CC          
739 Wise Anna RAF Canoe Association          
740 King Rob Hereford CC          
741 Rees-Clark Michael Basingstoke Canal CC          
742 Westerby Allen Poole Harbour CC          
743 Parker John Worcester CC          
744 Clark Lenny Tonbridge CC