1000 Mile Club

The Official DW 1000 Mile Club recognises the achievement of paddlers who have shown the courage, commitment and tenacity to complete the race eight times.

The qualification criteria are that the paddler shall have successfully completed the race a minimum of eight times and, of the eight finishes, at least four must be in the Senior Doubles Class. The other four may be made up of successful finishes in any of the following racing classes - Junior Doubles, Veteran / Junior or the Senior Singles. While Endeavour is a non-racing touring class, one Endeavour completion will count towards the 1000 Mile Club.

The following list is correct to the best of our knowledge and belief but if you identify any errors or omissions, please let us know. You can contact us here.

We would like to thank John Ince for his assistance in the preparation of the list but any errors remain the responsibility of the Devizes to Westminster Organisation.

Year of 8th Finish
Year of 8th Finish
Howe G R1962   Stubbs M 1999
Blackmore L1972   Bray Peter D J 2002
Burr J H1972   Ferry John 2002
Rose T J1978   Spinks R H 2003
Freeman R A1982   Catto John 2004
Cornish T J1984   Russell Jack 2004
Cattermole J D1986   Vater M 2004
Craddock J1986   Acreman Malcolm 2006
White Ian1986   Hendron Richard 2008
Catchlove R A F1988   Jagger Roger 2008
Wibrew M1988   Manning Greg 2008
Amos S J1989   Beaver T E 2009
Watson H J1989   Hendron Henry 2010
Starling J A1991   Bowditch Ian 2010
Thorogood R G1991   Shelley Piran 2011
Tipler G C1991   Dawkins Russ 2011
Greenham B R1992   Dave Ethell 2012
Edwards R A1993   Roger J Heath 2013
Fitchet A1993   Tamsin Phipps 2013
Jordan D S1993   Tim Smee 2013
Brian Greenaway 1994   Graham Stonehouse 2013
Purkiss Rosemary 1994   Thomas Alan Stainsby 2013
Yea P 1994   Daniel Beazley 2013
McCarthy T 1994   Paul Ralph 2014
Fielden P M 1995   Allen Westerby 2014
Rogers J P R 1996   Andrew Worth 2015
Spokes S J 1996   William Playle 2015
Ted Tandy 1996   Frank Gargan 2015
Ince A J 1997   John Edyvean 2015
Treadgold J R 1998   Jeremy Chappel 2015
Blatchly A M 1998   Paul Baker 2015
Harkin J 1998   Richard Lewis 2015
Howie D 1998   Mike Purchas 2015
Nightingale D P 1998   McKenna Barry 2016
Toomey P 1998   Garry Wakley 2016
Elliott R N 1999   Katherine Burbeck 2016
Hutchison Iain 1999   Gary Lowe 2016
Keane S J 1999   Paul Lowe 2016
Martin S 1999   John Hayden 2016
Stagg R V 1999