Supporters' Information


Support crews are absolutely vital to any successful DW crew. Their job is to provide the paddlers with food, drink, spare kit, advice and encouragement as well as to monitor their well-being.

Support crews should be familiar with the Rules of the race and, in particular, should read the "Advice to Competitors" and "Rules for Supporters" documents which appear in the Rules Section.

We strongly recommend that Support Crews support their paddlers on at least one of their build-up races and also that they read Chapter 11 of Brian Greenaway’s book – “The Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race”. This gives detailed advice on how best to support your crew.


Spectator Viewing Locations

If you're watching the race, there are several good spots which are better for viewing than the general support spots. Please take a look at the 2016 Devizes Westminster Spectator Locations.

The document is based on the four day stages race as this tends to have more spectators. If you're following the Senior Doubles race, the locations are consecutive along the length of the course.