Supporters' Information


If you lose your crew

Firstly, give them more time; in general, support teams lose touch with their crews by getting ahead of them rather than falling behind. If you are not sure where they are, move on to the next point where your table or chart shows you can guarantee to be ahead. If they do not appear with the other boats whose numbers you recognise, call DW Race Control on 020 7620 0298, we may have a message for you or fresh information. It is not uncommon for support teams to lose touch temporarily with their crews. If you are close to the next checkpoint, ask there whether your crew has been through. There is a real-time online tracker system available via the website (Where is Boat option) which gives the time at which crews pass through each checkpoint.

In case of Emergency

In case of crew problems

In all the following cases, please report to DW Race Control on 020 7620 0298 or the nearest checkpoint.

Support crew conduct

Support crews are a vital and valued part of the race. However, inconsiderate behaviour by support crews has given rise to serious problems in the past, including threats of legal action by landowners, warnings from the police and complaints from riverside residents. Please use common sense and consideration when driving and parking along the course and comply with the instructions of race officials.

Please note that crews may be given time penalties arising from the behaviour of their support crews and also bear in mind that anti-social behaviour may threaten our access to particular parts of the canal or river for following years. In particular, please respect the following points.

Noise at Night

Supporters of the Senior Doubles Race are particularly asked not to disturb local residents and householders during the night. This applies everywhere but especially to the built-up areas in the lower parts of the Thames. You are asked not to slam vehicle doors, race engines, shout to each other or flash headtorches on houses, all of which are likely to wake residents. Not only is it unnecessary and avoidable in a well-organised support team but it is inconsiderate towards those local residents who live close to car parking and the course of the race. As mentioned above, complaints received during the race may result in time penalties being awarded to the crews concerned.