Supporters' Information


Registering at Devizes on the day of the Race


A  Your Receipt of Payment for entry which is also your race ID.

B  Your boat and gear. Ensure that you bring everything you need. Although there is a temporary shop at Devizes Wharf it may run out of popular items.


Kit-check, Register and Start

A  On arrival, take your boat and receipt as proof of entry to the Kit-checking Area and get kit-checked. (If you don't have your receipt, you will need to visit registration and get a copy). The Kit-check area is the cordoned area in front of the car park. When checked the Kit-checkers will give you a completed Kit-check Form which then allows you to Register.

B  To Register you will need the Kit-check form, your Receipt, both paddlers (or one if a Single) and your Chief Supporter in person. Your information is checked during registration, together with the phone numbers being used by your support crew. As part of the process you will also be issued with your boat number and wrist tags. Registration is normally upstairs in the K&A Trust Building.

C  You are now ready and free to start. If you are starting outside the normal Start Window, get your Support crew to ensure that the Starters are in position and ready to start you.

NOTE: Even if you are starting later, it is advisable to get your boat checked early in case there is a rush or the kit-checkers are not available when you want to leave.

Devizes Wharf Map

Please click this map to see a close up of the wharf area at Devizes.

Devizes Wharf Map


Free accommodation is also available in the Scout Headquarters and/or the Corn Exchange in Devizes on Thursday night. Sleeping bags will be necessary. Under no circumstances may boats be taken into the buildings. Competitors in the Senior Doubles have the use of the Scout Headquarters but not the Corn Exchange on Good Friday night. Crews must rise in time to clean up and put all refuse in the bin provided. Please note there is no access to the Corn Exchange after 10 pm as the doors are locked at that time.

There is no need for advance booking of either the Corn Exchange or the Scout Headquarters but please arrive in good time.

This map shows Devizes with various useful locations highlighted.

You can drag the map around with your mouse or zoom in & out with the slide bar on the left. Click the entries in the list on the right to locate them on the map.