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Locks closed to support crews

For information on locks where access is not permitted to support crews, look out for "Advice to Competitors" and "Rules for Supporters" documents which appear in the Rules Section and any final race day announcements.

Course Mileages & List of Checkpoints

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Portage Diagrams

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Mid Section - River Thames from Dreadnought Reach to Teddington Lock

Diagram of Locks and Weirs

One of the principal hazards of this section is the series of locks and weirs. Paddlers should memorise the lay-out of locks very carefully before the race. It is also the responsibility of each paddler to assess whether they can cope with the prevailing river conditions. The Environment Agency provides live information about the strength of flow along the length of the River Thames. This may be found here.

High Tide at Teddington

Sunday morning 16th April 2017 06:35 BST (Tide window: 06:00 BST to 10:00 BST)
Sunday evening 16th April 2017 18:46 BST (Tide window: 18:15 BST to 20:15 BST)
Monday morning 17th April 2017 07:07 BST
Note - the 2017 Race is using BST throughout.


The Tideway is a particularly challenging and potentially hazardous section of the course with fast-moving tidal water and high volumes of river traffic. There are also official "rules of the road" and signals on bridges which paddlers should understand and obey.

The Port of London Authority has a website with information and advice for recreational river users. All race entrants should familiarise themselves with this material for their own safety. There is a section devoted to canoeists and there is also an instructional video entitled Rowing Through Central London which is strongly recommended. The site may be found here.